A Little Spent on Flu Prevention Now Can Avert Lots of Costs in Lost Productivity Later – Bloomberg BNA

Employers can, and should, take a proactive approach to seasonal flu to avoid incurring substantial costs in lost productivity. Bloomberg BNA Human Resources Report talked with TotalWellness about how you can prepare your office for flu season.

TotalWellness encourages companies to take the following actions to reduce the impact of the seasonal flu.

  • improve office’s hygiene practices;
  • review policies for paid time off, sick leave and telecommuting;
  • communicate to employees about the signs and symptoms of the flu, flu shot myths, sick time policies, wellness plans and flu shot clinic dates and times;
  • have a contingency plan in place to help maintain normal business operations if key employees are out sick or other disruptions occur; and
  • ensure that employees are aware of company health plan details and that they know whom to call with questions.

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