On-Site COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics.

COVID-19 remains a public health priority—many people remain at high risk for severe illness. Nevertheless, the current scenario is much more hopeful than three years ago. Thanks to widespread prevention and control measures such as vaccinations, we are stepping into a new phase of the pandemic.

The U.S. will stop buying Covid shots at a reduced price for the entire country and move vaccine distribution to the private market as soon as early fall, shifting the cost to U.S. insurers. With the change, TotalWellness will offer employers, healthcare providers and wellness businesses a COVID-19 on-site vaccination program.

With over 25 years of experience with corporate flu shot clinics, we have a solid infrastructure that can be utilized for COVID-19 vaccination programs. In addition, we have developed an Immunization Records system to help streamline events. It includes:

  • Qualifying questions
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Demographic questions
  • Consent form
  • Insurance information
  • Reminder emails
  • Documentation of vaccine administration, including lot number
  • Integration with health department systems


Digital Vaccination Records

Employees can easily view, store and share their COVID-19 vaccination status in our IR system. TotalWellness will then report the number of vaccinated employees back to the company.

TotalWellness is ready to help.