Brokers & Resellers Partnerships

We can help you make it perfect—or make it your own.

With over 25 years of experience, we have partnered with brokers, health management organizations, and wellness companies to deliver top-notch wellness solutions. We specialize in providing customized services that cater to the unique requirements of our partners, be it a small regional wellness services provider or a large enterprise looking to expand its offerings. Our competitive price structure makes it easy for our partners to grow their brands and generate additional revenue. Join our network of satisfied partners and take your wellness offerings to the next level with TotalWellness.


White-Labeling Services

As an insurance broker or wellness provider, we understand you have an important responsibility to bring added value to the unique needs of your individual clients. That’s why TotalWellness will work with you to white label the entire screening experience, so you can create a seamless and comprehensive wellness solution. We support your team behind the scenes by taking care of all the details and actively support you and your clients. Common white label opportunities include:

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Once a wellness program is deployed, it’s critical to know if the results are meeting your overall goals. TotalWellness makes it simple to track, measure, and analyze a population’s health data with services like:

  • Comprehensive reporting, including on-site, physician, home, retail, and lab visit data
  • Aggregated views of a population’s blood pressure, glucose, BMI, and cholesterol screening results
  • Additionally, it’s our mission to remain a neutral, third party vendor you can trust—that’s why we never share individual data and will always protect employee participant privacy. Learn more about our reporting capabilities.


Data Transfer

With TotalWellness, your clients will always own their data from the outset, so if they ever decide to change vendors or portals, they’ll never have to worry about paying hefty penalties, fees, or even worse—loss of data altogether.

This transparency prevents corporations from feeling “trapped” by data, while still allowing our wellness partners to upload and use data in their proprietary tools.


Flexible screenings and on-site vaccination clinics

When it comes to wellness events, there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. While onsite events offer the most impactful experience for participants, many companies have remote employees that simply can’t be reached through traditional means.

That’s why TotalWellness gives you the flexibility to sell screenings, flu shots, and COVID vaccines, both onsite and through our voucher programs. Our biometric screening vouchers allow your customers to survey their entire population through a physician, at home, retail, and lab options, giving them the most comprehensive view of their population’s health. Flu shot vouchers allow participants flexibility to get their vaccination and many major pharmacies nationwide.