Convenient, on-site flu shot clinics.

Hosting a workplace flu shot clinic makes it easier for your employees to get vaccinated and stay healthy. With many states seeing increasing coronavirus infections, it’s clear that COVID-19 is not leaving the U.S. anytime soon. One essential strategy to minimize COVID-19’s potential second wave is to boost the rate of flu vaccination in the U.S. TotalWellness is offering many different options to help employers offer flu shots this year including, drive-through clinics or curbside options.

Did you know that company-hosted flu shot clinics are more cost-effective? Beyond a lower risk of spreading inner-office flu, there are many proven benefits to vaccinated employees.

Up to  0 %

fewer doctor or healthcare provider visits

Up to  0 %

fewer sick days away from the office

Up to  0 %

fewer unproductive work days

Get our “How to Host a Successful Flu Shot Clinic” guide.

Reliable service – from setup to cleanup.

This is what we do best.

Our team has experience helping companies of all sizes host successful mobile vaccination events. We can even coordinate between multiple locations. 

We understand that this year will bring a lot of unknowns with COVID-19, and so booked clients are guaranteed flexible terms with regards to canceled events due to regional lockdowns.

Plus, our flu shot voucher program makes it easy for your remote employees to participate. You’ll also receive marketing and educational materials to encourage greater employee participation overall.

We make the process as simple as possible by providing:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • Licensed nursing personnel
  • All the vaccinations necessary
  • An online registration system for employees
  • Clean up and waste removal
  • A final report with the number of participants

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