Flu Shot Clinics

The Center for Disease Control recommends a yearly vaccination as the best way to prevent the flu. On average employees miss ½ – 5 days of work per year because of the flu. The flu costs employers about $10.4 billion in direct costs for hospitalizations and outpatient visits for adults.

Employees that receive the flu shot experience significantly fewer influenza symptoms, have fewer doctors’ visits, and miss fewer work days due to illness. Specifically, individuals that have been vaccinated have:

  • 13%-44% fewer health care/provider visits
  • 18%-45% fewer lost workdays
  • 18%-28% fewer work days with reduced productivity

Company hosted on-site flu shot clinics make getting the flu shot easy and convenient for employees. With each vaccinated employee the company faces less risk of spreading inner-office flu, saves on employee sick days, and increases productivity. Company flu shot programs are a cost effective way to make sure all employees have the opportunity to be vaccinated.

TotalWellness will work with you each step of the way to implement a successful corporate flu shot clinic. Onsite flu shot clinics are implemented by our network of over 5,000 nurses who are all specially trained on TotalWellness’ policies and procedures, allowing us to provide consistency and quality. Our no-hassle pricing includes nursing, vaccine, supplies, consent forms and VIS forms.

In addition to providing on-site vaccination programs, TotalWellness also offers two flu shot voucher programs.