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The flu is highly infectious, especially in an office environment. TotalWellness provides on-site flu shot clinics to make it easier for organizations to protect employees from the flu. If you’re planning a flu shot clinic for your organization, read on for more information about flu shots and the vaccine. 

Benefits of flu shots at work.

Many companies offer worksite flu shot clinics in the fall. This type of worksite event is one of the best options for a few different reasons. First of all, it’s easy. There isn’t a ton of stress added to your plate. It also takes the burden and responsibility off of your employees to go out and get the shot. All they have to do is set aside a few minutes, walk down the hall and receive their vaccine.

Offering the flu shot at work is also an awesome opportunity to take advantage of some positive peer pressure. Protecting your workforce means protecting your company during flu season. It’s in your favor as a company to have as many employees as possible protected from the flu. If people see their coworkers headed to the flu shot clinic, they’ll be reminded to do the same. They might even feel less apprehension or fear of the needle stick if they’re not alone. 

Bringing the flu shot into the workplace helps you let your employees know you care about them. As beneficial as it can be for your company, in the end it’s still one way to protect each employee from getting sick during flu season. Looking out for your employees lets them know they’re important to you—which can really boost job satisfaction and workforce morale.

If an on-site flu shot clinic isn’t the right fit for your company, TotalWellness also offers an easy flu shot voucher program

How flu vaccines work.

The flu vaccine is made up of inactivated, non-infectious versions of the flu virus. As is true with any vaccine, the goal is to expose you to just enough of the virus so that your body starts to develop antibodies—or good proteins in your body that identify and fight bad things like viruses and bacteria.

When you get the flu vaccine, your body will develop antibodies against the strains of the flu virus that have been included in the shot. That process can take about two weeks—which is why it’s important to get the vaccine before you start to notice your coworkers getting sick.

The unpredictable nature of the influenza virus makes the flu vaccine a little unique. The flu virus often mutates, or changes what it’s made of. Each mutation results in a new strain of the flu. Each flu strain is just a little different than the others.

To be sure that the flu shot is as effective as possible, a group of scientists gets together each spring to try and figure out which flu strains will spread in the coming flu season. They look at previous flu seasons, as well as flu seasons in other regions throughout the world to see which strains are the most likely to spread. After they make their recommendations, flu shot manufacturers get to work.

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