Employee Engagement

Wellness programs in the workplace will fail without employee engagement, regardless of the outlines or goals you create. As a health and wellness company, we believe that meaningful participation is critical to the success of a corporate wellness program. Fortunately, there are plenty of employee wellness program ideas that will encourage engagement and get your staff excited about improving their health.

Here are a few of our favorite suggestions for companies struggling with employee engagement:

Focus on positive reinforcement. If you notice an employee actively engaging with the wellness program, be sure to verbally acknowledge and support their behavior.

Choose the best incentives for your company. Collaborate with your worksite wellness company to determine what kind of incentives will motivate your staff and fit with your culture. Incentives can include monetary bonuses, merchandise (cups, radios, etc.), discounted health insurance premiums or recognition in the company newsletter.

Make the process easy. Employees don’t want to deal with complicated activities and procedures. We offer a convenient employee wellness portal which houses all of the information they need – results, challenges, incentive tracking, recipes, educational videos and much more.

Use communication and marketing tools. Reach out to your employees through emails, signage and newsletters to enhance and drive employee participation. Consider health fairs, competitions and other internal communication platforms to make employees aware of the program.

Encourage feedback – and act on it. Consistently evaluate your program for effectiveness. Allow staff to suggest their own employee wellness program ideas. TotalWellness offers flexible, customized solutions that will allow you to tweak the program to your needs.

Engaging your employees in wellness programs in the workplace will result in a happier, more productive, more involved staff.