Beata is your "no sweat" wellness portal.

Beata is a turnkey wellness solution powered through a user-friendly portal. Utilizing a wellness portal is an easy way for busy employers to manage an effective workplace wellness program.

Beata was designed to engage employees, encourage healthy behavior and boost participation levels. It also helps simplify the overall process of a wellness program for both the employer and the employee. That’s why we consider Beata your “no sweat” wellness portal. It takes out all the hassle and stress of a wellness program so that employers and employees can focus on what’s truly important.

Beata is an affordable wellness portal designed for small to medium-sized businesses. We offer a simple, flat-fee pricing model that can accommodate any budget.

What's included in Beata.


We want to help build awareness among your employees about their current health status and motivate them to take action. We do that with:


Your employees get access to a variety of educational resources such as articles, monthly newsletters and information on all aspects of well-being to help inspire action. Plus, we include:


The science of behavior change tells us to make wellness doable with small steps and to recognize progress frequently. We help you reward your employees in two ways:

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