5 Things to Know About the Health of America’s Workforce – Becker’s Hospital Review

We recently published the ultimate aggregate wellness report. It outlines the health status of corporate America which is based on the results of 85,000 biometric screenings that TotalWellness performed during 2015. You can download the report here.

Becker’s Hospital Review highlighted five key takeaways from the report.

Seventy-one percent of workers screened exhibited total cholesterol levels in the optimal range, 22 percent were in the borderline high range and 7 percent were in the high range.

Blood sugar
The vast majority (85 percent) exhibited blood glucose levels in the normal range, while 12 percent were in the pre-diabetes range.

Blood pressure
More than one-third (36 percent) of the employees fell within the normal blood pressure range, 50 percent exhibited pre-hypertension and 11 percent had stage 1 hypertension.

Body mass index
Regarding BMI, 29 percent of the employees fell in the normal range, 34 percent were overweight, 29 percent were obese and 7 percent were in the extremely obese range.

Waist circumference
Thirty-six percent had a waist circumference that was categorized as “high.” Waist circumference can help assess body weight because carrying extra fat around the belly can put people at a higher risk for some obesity-related complications.

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