Employee Wellness Programs

TotalWellness provides tailored corporate health and wellness services to help you deliver better employee wellness programs. Our approach is rooted in a simple belief: everyone has healthy habits they can build upon.

Our services include:

Biometric Screenings: The ultimate goal of a health screening is to give employees a baseline to help motivate them toward healthier behaviors. We believe that a positive outlook on health changes the conversation—that’s why we always start our screenings by examining what an employee is doing “right” in their life.

Corporate Flu Shots: Through a network of 6,000 trained professionals for onsite clinics and a voucher program, providing employee flu shots is affordable and easy to manage.

Wellness Portal: The TotalWellness Portal provides a customized way to deliver key components on your worksite wellness program effectively and efficiently. The portal’s modular design allows your company to select only the parts that are most applicable to their wellness goals.

Health Risk Assessment (HRA): Part of the TotalWellness Portal, this user-friendly tool helps employees better understand their health risks and HR professionals to understand the aggregate risks facing their population.