Employee Wellness Programs

There are five simple steps to our approach in providing corporate wellness programs for your firm. We have listed additional details on our process below.

Learning About You

We will work together to help you design your employee wellness programs. We’ll measure the health of your employee population today, demonstrate which health risks are costing your company the most money, and together, we’ll architect a program that addresses those areas. Through strategic planning and consulting, we are able to best understand your business, goals, obstacles, and objectives. We use this information to contribute to your mission and your bottom line.


Do you know where the health of your organization stands today? What are the risk factors facing your people and how much are those health risk factors costing you? We believe it is imperative that companies provide biometric health screenings for their employees. Not only do health screenings give you the pulse of your organization’s health, they aid in the prevention of heart attack, stroke, cancer, metabolic syndrome and many other preventable diseases. Also aiding in prevention are on-site flu shot clinics, which can be provided in conjunction with your health screenings. To aid in diagnosing the health of your organization, TotalWellness has designed a best-in-class health risk appraisal (HRA). This HRA provides individual and aggregate level reporting which will give you a platform to launch targeted employee wellness programs aimed at driving real change throughout your organization.

Strategize & Design

TotalWellness believes in getting around the table with our clients. We will strategize and design a corporate wellness program according to what your risk factors are, which ones are the most costly, and those that your people are actually interested in changing. We measure first and then provide organized, aggregate level reporting to help you prioritize your vision and benchmark change year after year. When it comes to strategy and design, we provide tools such as culture audits and cost claims analyses of modifiable behaviors to help you develop innovative employee wellness program ideas.


Delivery is everything. We deliver on our promises and our people represent the quality of our brand. We do everything in our power to make health event coordination and planning as easy as possible for you with a comprehensive wellness portal. One of our online software tools, Register My Time, provides easy scheduling for a health and wellness fair or flu shot clinic. Our registered nurses pride themselves on the highest professionalism in the industry. Our events come with nurse counseling and an event coordinator so we have all details covered. We provide aggregate reporting and our consultants will go over the data with your leadership. We are flexible and customizable to better fit your business model and business needs.


The health of your organization should be measured year after year. We can help you prove the value of wellness programs in the workplace by giving you the tools to demonstrate productivity and safety increases along with absenteeism decreases. As a comprehensive health and wellness company, we can help you improve the quality of life of your people while improving the bottom line of your organization.