Who We Serve

At TotalWellness, we work with a wide variety of clients to help them deliver better wellness services and biometric screenings. We work with:


We are experts in providing biometric screenings for companies of any size. Our national network of health professionals is highly trained to create a positive experience for your employees. We own every part of the screening process which helps ensure quality control, compliance and consistency.

Wellness Companies

We partner with companies like yours who need biometric screenings as part of a robust wellness or health management program. You can use TotalWellness as a preferred vendor, or you can completely white label our solutions. We make integration with your operations a snap and you can trust us to successfully execute your clients’ screenings.


Bring more value to the table with biometric screenings experiences worth talking about. Our positive approach to wellness connects with participants and motivates them to think differently about their health. When people are inspired they’re more likely to engage in other wellness program activities. And engagement drives results for your clients.

Health Plans

When you partner with TotalWellness, you will benefit from a wide array of flexible and customized solutions that engage your members and deliver value to employers. We streamline the collection of biometric data through a combination of onsite, physician office, retail clinic, and at-home screening options. By offering diverse options, we provide convenience and access to your members.

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