Professional Wellness Jobs

Thank you for your interest in TotalWellness, formerly known as Health Fairs of America (HFA) and Vaccination Services of America, Inc. (VSA).

We are a private corporate wellness company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. We are a leading nationwide provider of corporate health and wellness services, such as:

  • Onsite biometric health screenings
  • Vaccinations
  • Personal health assessments
  • Wellness portal.

We put heavy emphasis on the quality of our services and the quality of our people. Our goal is to make sure every customer experiences what we call, “The TotalWellness Experience!”

We provide our onsite services by maintaining independent contractor nurses and other medical, health and wellness professionals in nearly every city. When a client requests services, we use our innovative scheduling software to contact the nearest independent contractors about work opportunities. TotalWellness independent contractors are than able to “nominate” themselves to work.

Because of the nature of our business, we have various wellness jobs available but we cannot offer full-time work or promise consistent part-time work. Our schedule of events completely depends on the orders of clients, which can be difficult to anticipate. But even if you aren’t sure how much you will be able to work with us, it doesn’t hurt to go through our hiring process.

The services we provide are basic and we find that most independent contractors enjoy the change-of-pace compared to their other typical jobs. We are a fast-growing company in which we constantly contract with new clients nationwide. You are never obligated to work for us. We hope that you are interested and available when we there are needs in your area. There are typically more events in large cities, however we do have events throughout the country year-round. Our busiest time of year is during “flu shot season,” which is approximately September through November.


TotalWellness seeks independent contractors who:

  • Have current professional licensure and/or certification
    (e.g., RN, LPN, LVN, Phlebotomist, MA, CNA, etc.)
  • Have at least 1 year clinical/medical experience
  • Are punctual (This is very important!)
  • Are proficient in basic medical skills and open to learning new ones
  • Are experienced and proficient in administering vaccinations
  • Are experienced in educating and counseling individuals on health-related topics
  • Are independent, organized and efficient (Events are fast-paced and must be highly organized!)
  • Are able to lift up to 30 pounds (Supplies and equipment are shipped to contractors.)
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Have email and consistent regular access to the Internet
    (Many functions are online, including those related to Scheduling and Payment.)
  • Have professional liability insurance (This is recommended.)
  • Are outgoing with a pleasant personality
  • Are interested in working in new environments and meeting new people
  • Are healthy, project a healthy image and have an interest in wellness
    (We are a wellness company and our clients expect us to send staff who promote a healthy image.)
  • Are looking to earn extra income on an as-needed and seasonal basis
  • Are passionate and motivated by providing the best possible care and customer service to each and every person.

Independent Contractor Opportunities FAQ 

  • Is the work full-time or part-time?
    We cannot promise consistent full-time or part-time work. We will contact you when we schedule an event in your area, and you can choose whether or not you are available to work the event.
  • Am I required to work every event in my area?
    No, you will be notified of the events in your area, but you are never obligated to work for us. You decide if you would like to “nominate” yourself to work the event. Our team members enjoy the flexibility to pick up extra shifts at their convenience.
  • What if I don’t know how much time I can dedicate to ?
    We recommend that you sign up and become a medical professional in our network, even if you are not sure how much you will be able to work with us. You are never obligated to work; we just hope you are interested and available when we need you.
  • Where is the work usually located?
    Most events are in large cities, but we do have work throughout the country. Most events are on-site at companies.
  • When are most of the events held?
    Our busiest time of year is flu season, from October through December, but we do have work year-round. Most events are held Monday through Friday, but we do occasionally have weekend events as well as evening and late night shifts.
  • How can I learn more?

Independent Contractor Testimonials

Barbara appreciates the professionalism & organization

I have worked for Total Wellness for the past three years. It has been a pleasure working for TotalWellness. They are the most professional, well organized wellness company I have worked for. I have been a nurse for over 40 years and have worked in many different medical jobs. In hospitals, doctor offices, surgery, and with other wellness organizations. TotalWellness is the only wellness company I now work for because, of the way they treat their staff, and also because they are so organized, and professional. I feel like I am representing a very good company, when I go to work for TotalWellness.

Barbara, LPN
Started 2008

Anne’s 12 years of wonderful experience

I’ve been working for TotalWellness for about 12 years and it has been a wonderful experience. The staff are so supportive and are there to assist you if you have questions at any time. The greatest part of doing a flu clinic is knowing you’re helping protect people from illness. Health screenings are always interesting because you help people understand the importance of knowing their test results and how to improve them if they’re not within normal limits. There is always enough staff at the clinics which makes them run smoothly.

Anne, RN
Started 2002

Debbie’s breath of fresh air

Through TotalWellness, I have gained healthcare experience in unconventional environments. These corporate health fairs have allowed me to help people who might not necessarily think they even have any wellness issues. This aspect is a rewarding one because after working for inpatient facilities where sick patients understand their ailments, it is always a great feeling to assist in an effort of prevention versus treatment, which in turn, saves our country millions in in-patient care. It’s just a breath of fresh air to know that the services we provide are the right measures to take advantage of for an employee of whatever business we happen to be assisting on that particular day.

Debbie, RN
Nationwide Coordinator
Started 2004

Judy’s having fun

TotalWellness has taken the complexity out of nursing and made it simple, so you can get back to the basics of nursing. If you like giving shots, taking blood pressures or drawing blood, etc. all the basics of nursing, TotalWellness is an amazing company to work for. They are always friendly and able to help you. They value you as a nurse and a person. The stress is 0-1 and you can pick your own hours and places. So, if you just want a little extra cash or a lot of extra cash it’s your choice and TotalWellness is happy to have you, no pressure or required time – you choose. Supplies are either shipped to you or you pick-up, nominations and time cards are done over the computer, and the pay is great. You will meet a lot of new and different people, that are happy to see you come and form a lot of friendships. TotalWellness takes care of all you need and puts fun and enjoyment back into nursing.

So here’s what I tell my friends; if you’re tired of the high stress, lack of respect, work putting you in a bad mood, always working no time for you or family, and making little… then TotalWellness is the place to be. No stress, lots of respect for you, puts fun back into nursing, choose your events, so you have time for you and family, and make a lot more money than you could at a full time job. Seasonal means summers are usually slow but that’s great for me (fun, fun, fun). That’s what Total Wellness is… great company, great people to work with, and great family to be a part of…I love TotalWellness!

Judy McIntosh, LPN
Started 2004