High Need Cities

TotalWellness is building our pool of independent contractors in the locations listed below. We are looking for skilled, licensed and/or certified medical professionals (RN, LPN, CNA, MA, LVN, Phlebotomist, EMT/Paramedic, etc.) to work corporate health screenings, COVID-19 testing services and flu shot events. If you live in one of these cities, we’d love to hear from you. Apply today!

TotalWellness Peshtigo, WI Dec, 06
TotalWellness Shelbyville, Illinois Aug, 18
TotalWellness Eatonton, Georgia Aug, 18
TotalWellness Reno, Nevada Jul, 19
TotalWellness Carson City, Nevada Jul, 19
TotalWellness Sparks, Nevada Jul, 19
TotalWellness Glendive, MT Jul, 19
TotalWellness Parkersburg, West Virginia Jan, 14
TotalWellness Macomb, Illinois Jul, 12
TotalWellness Martinsville, virginia Jul, 12
TotalWellness LaCrosse, Wisconsin Jul, 12
TotalWellness eau Claire, Wisconsin Jul, 12
TotalWellness Moorestown, NJ Jan, 14
TotalWellness Cherry Hill, NJ Jan, 14
TotalWellness Ladysmith, Wisconsin Jul, 12
TotalWellness Hoboken, NJ Jan, 14
TotalWellness Ridgewood, NJ Jan, 14
TotalWellness Rhinelander, Wisconsin Jul, 12
TotalWellness Paramus, NJ Jan, 14
TotalWellness Superior, Wisconsin Jul, 12