Additional services.

There’s no better way to inspire and engage employees than through a hands-on approach. That’s why TotalWellness offers lifestyle education and screenings on-site to help build awareness of health risks and provide valuable information. Employees will get a chance to interact with healthcare professionals for advice and tips on living a healthy lifestyle. A group environment shows employees that they are not alone in their journey towards a healthy lifestyle, which offers a sense of encouragement and inspiration. 

In addition to on-site biometric health screenings, TotalWellness can also provide additional health tests and services. Clients can choose to order one service or combine services to create a fun, engaging health fair environment. We also offer diagnostic tests on blood samples.

Here are some of our most popular on-site health services:

Bring wellness to your workplace.

On-site wellness events are a great way to show that you care about your employees’ well-being, raise awareness about important health issues and can make a positive impact on your company’s culture. Plus, you’ll bring wellness front and center! Employees will learn about their health and hopefully be inspired to make some positive changes.