Additional Screenings

In addition to on-site biometric health screenings, TotalWellness can also provide additional health tests. Here is a summary of some of our services. We also offer diagnostic tests on blood samples

Blood Pressure

A blood pressure test measures the pressure in arteries as the heart pumps. TotalWellness conducts blood pressures using the manual method.

Body Fat Screening

Body fat is screened using bio-electrical impedance analysis. A small,hand-held device passes a very slight electrical current, which can sense the density of lean tissue versus fat tissue through the body. It is efficient and non-invasive, which makes it ideal for corporate health fair settings.

Bone Density/Osteoporosis Screening

The bone density scan screens for osteoporosis by measuring the density of the heel bone using ultrasound technology. This screening is quick, easy and pain-free, and only requires a bare foot.

Carotid Artery Ultrasound Screening

The carotid artery ultrasound screening uses sound waves to image the arteries in the neck and assess the degree of narrowing. One important risk factor for stroke is the narrowing of the carotid artery, which supplies the majority of blood flow to the brain. People with carotid artery disease are at a higher risk of stroke. Many people who experience a TIA, or mini-stroke, are found during screening to have carotid artery disease. This screening is non-invasive and painless.

Executive Chair Massage

In today’s busy world, employees are more stressed than ever! Receiving just five or ten minutes of chair massage has been found to be effective for relief of aches and pains and reduction of stress. Plus, chair massages are a great incentive to offer those who participate in other screenings. Company chooses the length of the massages.

Hand Washing Education

Hand washing education uses luminescent lotion that fluoresces brightly under UV illumination to show participants how easily germs can spread.

Health Education

We offer a variety of wellness booths to educate and promote healthy lifestyle changes among employees. Perfect for health fair settings, these booths are staffed by qualified health care professionals to answer questions and provide information on the specific topic. Popular booths include: nutrition, physical activity, heart health and stress.

Physical Fitness Testing

Physical fitness testing evaluates participants aerobic and anaerobic energy systems by using two commonly used fitness tests:

  • GRIP TEST: evaluates strength and power
  • Harvard Step Test: evaluates endurance by having the participant step up and down on a platform at a rate if 30 steps per minute (every two seconds) for 5 minutes or until exhaustion.

Skin Screening & Sun Damage Test

The skin screening and sun damage test uses the DermaView™ Facial Analyzer
 to locate oily skin, sun-damaged skin, occluded pores, and overly dry skin. Using special lighting, The DermaView™ shows problem areas around the lips and on the chin, as well as spots on the forehead, nose, and cheeks. This test reveals potential sun damage that could indicate cancer or pre-cancer