Worksite wellness

TotalWellness partners with employers to control health care costs and reduce health risks to foster a more productive work environment. We offer a broad selection of customizable services including: employee flu shots, biometric health screenings, a wellness platform and health coaching.

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Why choose us?

Nationwide NetworkNationwide Network

One location or 100 locations, we can accommodate your needs with our national network of health professionals.

Quality NursesQuality Nurses

Our health care team is friendly, trained and professional.

Tailored To YouTailored to You

We're passionate about understanding your organization’s goals, so we’ll customize services and delivery to fit your needs.

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Biometric Screenings

To make positive lifestyle changes, employees need to know where to start. Biometric screenings are a series of health tests designed to offer insight in your employees’ overall health. Screenings generally measure: Height, Weight, BMI, Waist Circumference, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Glucose.

With instant results available, on-site screenings provide a convenient way to reach employees. Plus, as an employer, knowing more about the prevalent health risks in your organization can help you develop wellness strategies and deliver programming.

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