Better corporate wellness programs

TotalWellness works with employers who search for ways to make their employees’ lives healthier and happier. Since 86% of employees say they don’t participate in wellness initiatives because they don’t have time, our goal is to create memorable screening experiences employees will make time to attend. Our events are:

  • Fun, approachable and easy to execute
  • Staffed with carefully selected health-care professionals

Biometric screenings, flu shots, and more

Whatever your needs, we offer tailored corporate health and wellness services that can deliver better wellness programs to your employees. Services include:

  • Biometric screenings
  • Corporate flu shots
  • A wellness portal with customizable modules
  • Health risk assessment

It's not all about the ROI

You’re concerned with the happiness and health of your employees — so are we. And while you may be interested in proving ROI, it often cannot be proven and isn’t our ultimate objective. We believe:

  • Your employees already have healthy habits they can build upon
  • The true value of a wellness program is the long-term positive effect it has on the lives of your employees