We create better
wellness experiences.

What we do

No matter how large your organization might be, TotalWellness can offer customized health and wellness services that help you deliver better programs to your employees. Services include:


Biometric Screenings

We provide better, more positive screening experiences that will keep your employees engaged and motivated.

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Flu Shots

Our network of 7,000 trained health professionals and voucher program make serving all employees — both onsite and remote — affordable and easy.

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Wellness Services

Our best-in-class online platforms help create stronger and easier-to-execute wellness programs.

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How we do it

1 We deliver better results because we use a better approach.

And it starts with our core belief that everyone—yes, everyone—is healthy. From walking the dog to enjoying blueberries for breakfast, every person has at least one healthy habit in their life. At TotalWellness, our goal is to help people identify those habits and show them ways to incorporate more of them into their daily routine.

2 We have the most qualified professionals in the industry.

At TotalWellness, we employ a scalable, accessible and carefully selected network of over 6,000 health professionals in the United States. Our health professionals have a passion for wellness, so they’ll speak sincerely with each individual about what their screening results mean and how they might improve them.

3 Our events are simple, straightforward, and flexible.

No one likes complicated—that’s why our flexible delivery method gives your company plenty of options for your next screening or flu shot event. Plus, our unique voucher programs make serving remote employees easy and affordable. With TotalWellness, every little detail will be covered.

A healthy dose of insight.

Stay on top of industry trends and download helpful guides for implementing your wellness program.