iPad Training

Electronic onsite data collection is becoming a more popular request for onsite screening events. TotalWellness has developed an electronic data collection system that utilizes iPads and either cellular or wi-fi internet access to securely collect participant’s screening data. Please complete our three step training program in preparation for events with electronic data collection.

Step 1

Review the TotalWellness Electronic Data Collection Manual.

Step 2

Practice using the electronic data collection tool. We recommend using a tablet to view the website if you have one. If you don’t, you can also use your computer or smart phone to access the site. To access the site follow steps A, B, and C.

A. Generate user accounts

  • Click the button below to generate sample user Unique ID’s. Practice searching for employees (using the provided Unique ID’s), adding biometric data and saving the data. Feel free to also add employees.
  • Hidden

B. Retrieve your login credentials

C. Practice using the tool

Visit the onsite Data Collection Site and use the login credentials above to login.

Step 3

Take our training quiz to assess your knowledge of our system. This quiz is not a requirement to work events with iPad data collection, it is for educational purposes only.


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