COVID-19 Insurance Billing Details

The insurance billing option is available for participants who are currently experiencing symptoms or for participants who have been in contact with a COVID-19 patient. If you are not currently experiencing symptoms nor have you been in contact with a COVID-19 patient, we ask that you pay out of pocket for your test, as insurance may not deem the test as medically necessary.

Step 1 – Complete the online insurance information form

In order for TotalWellness to run a COVID-19 test through your insurance we must gather your insurance details before your appointment. In order to do this we ask that you complete and submit the online insurance information form. After submitting the form you will receive an email indicating that TotalWellness has successfully received your insurance details. If you do not receive the email message within a few minutes of signing up, please check your junk or spam folder just in case the email got delivered there instead of your inbox. 

Step 2 – Schedule an appointment

After submitting the insurance form, please schedule an appointment.

Step 3 – Show Insurance Information Received Email at your testing appointment

When you arrive at your appointment, show the “Insurance Information Received” email to the tech when they inquire about payment. 

NOTE: The “Insurance Information Received” email signifies that TotalWellness has your insurance information on file. It does not guarantee that the insurance company will cover the cost of the testing. Due to the CARES act, insurance companies are required to cover COVID-19 testing; however, each insurance company may have different parameters to determine if a test is medically necessary and may only cover medically necessary tests. If your insurance company does not cover the cost of the test it will be your responsibility to cover the cost of the test.